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What is royalty-free Jazz?

Our royalty-free Jazz is, just like our other genres, liberated from third-party royalty claims. This means that while you’re receiving the mastering and sync rights to any Jazz tune you’re purchasing from us, you won’t have to worry about other license holders. The Jazz tracks we provide are composed by our own artists: there are no other parties involved. This can prove to be advantageous to you for two key reasons: first off, you’ll receive the tunes “as is,” meaning you’ll get the full quality right away. Second off, you can chose between several licensing models including TV or radio advertisement, movie trailers, holding loops, and much more. In addition, you can download any song you like at full length without having to acquire a license. You’ll only need one once you’re deciding to publish your project.

Royalty-free jazz advantages

  • No worries about royalties
  • Easy & Fast to download
  • Professionally composed
  • Cost-efficient licensing models
  • Try every song for free

Download a royalty-free jazz song for

  • Advertisements
  • Movie trailers
  • Cinematic projects
  • Image films
  • PA Systems

What can I use royalty-free Jazz for?

Jazz is maybe the most versatile music genre there is. You can use uplifting Jazz tunes for adverts, comedies or holding loops, for instance. Or, in case you’re running a restaurant or café, you can opt for some easy-listening Jazz. For your convenience, we’ve already selected some of our favorite tracks and compiled them into albums. Try out our Fusion, Jazzy Moods or one of our Easy Listening compilations. Once you’ve found a couple of songs you like, simply click on the download link next to the title selection (the download link will be visible once you’ve registered with Sonic Liberty). You can chose between AIF, WAV and MP3 formats.

What else besides royalty-free Jazz can I find on Sonic Liberty?

We’re constantly aiming at providing you with the most versatile selection of different genres at the best quality possible. Within our extensive music library, you’ll find anything from energetic rock to smooth ambient electro, epic orchestra tracks and playful piano music. Whether you’re looking for an original soundtrack for your movie, a catchy advertising jingle or just some entertaining music for your radio play – you’re guaranteed to find a track that caters to your needs. Oh, and if you really can’t find anything, we’ll be happy to compose a track tailored to your vision.